Whoosh Bottle Demonstration

The third in our series of demonstration videos is the classic ‘Whoosh Bottle experiment’ which can be used to demonstrate the combustion process.

Please ensure you undertake a full risk assessment before performing this demonstration and that it meets your institutions health and safety requirements. We also recommend you consult CLEAPSS or SERC.

The following Science learning Centre courses are filled with spectacular demonstrations that can help inspire your students:

Technicians as Demonstrators: The practical expert in the classroom

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you for sending this useful information and link to this video through email. It is really useful to show this Whoosh bottle demonstration. We really need such stimulus activities in the lesson.


  2. great experiment to capture attention. Always put a safety screen in front of the bottle, after too many uses, the bottle can become weakened and I have seen one explode!


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