Katy Bloom

Katy BloomKaty Bloom spent seven years as an Exploration Geophysicist in the oil industry in the UK and abroad before becoming a Physics teacher. She has been a Head of Science Faculty at a Specialist Science College and gained Advanced Skills Teacher status in 2001, working primarily on researching and developing educational strategies that were utilised authority-wide. She was involved in the Evidence-based Practice in Science Education network through the University of Leeds, where she also tutored ITT students.

Katy now works as a Professional Development Leader at the National Science Learning Centre in York where she has also acts as the Engineering and Technology specialist on the government’s STEM Cohesion Team. With her industrial background, she has a particular interest in furthering STEM and Applied Science interests, and has developed courses in both Engineering and Numeracy for Scientists, and science support for Design & Technology teachers

Katy is currently researching the effect of feedback practices on student attitudes and self belief in physics for her PhD.

You can follow Katy on Twitter @bloom_growhow or on LinkedIN

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